Web Design and Application Development

Website Generation with Clear, Purpose Driven Displays that Showcase Content


Whether generating a new website or updating an existing site, knowing that users are always searching for information or solutions, are often impatient, unforgiving and intolerant.

Make clear that concise dissemination of information and easy usability pays dividends in terms of user loyalty and encourages revisits. And, there is that all important point, popularity is determined by users so, users are paramount!

Responsive Design

Layouts that adapt to the majority of web aware devices without significant loss of content. Accessing the internet via mobile devices accounts for more than 20% - 40% of total traffic - a significant section of any market. Not an absolute solution in all instances but, it does allow a broader reach across devices.

Screen Real Estate

There are thousands of different devices capable of rendering websites, mobile phones, tablets but, there is no one size fits all. Images can be reduced in size and loose detail but not necessarily meaning. Text is more difficult, there are limits to scaling and legibility depending on the device.


Search Engine Optimization, the process of aligning page content with search engine index results.

Words, words, words

Google nor any other search engine does not care what a website looks like. It could be the most visually appealing, user friendly site on the planet and that will carry no indexing weight whatsoever. Words used on site place the site somewhere in the natural search index. Exactly where is going to depend on numerous factors, mainly the popularity of the words employed.

 Website Design

Includes not just how a website looks but how it works in the context of different internet aware devices. Clear and simple navigation is not an option but, an absolute necessity.

 Web Hosting

Speed matters, page abandonment statistics show that increased load times increase abandonment rate. Google has announced that speed is a ranking signal. Performant hosting, along with adequate resources ensures fast page rendering.


Easy to read fonts and word spacing encourage less eye strain and fatigue. With many free fonts available there are numerous choices, the essential quality is legibility in context.


Development for both at the user level and administration. Choosing the right application starting point allows efficient expansion of functionality


Designing for content that reflect the business model and not business models that have to adapt to the website


Adherence to accepted web standards enable usability across wide range of devices and are the building blocks for timely development and upgrades without unnecessary rebuilding