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Managing content has never been easier. If you need regular editing and document creation facilities for hundreds or thousands of pages use one of the larger systems Joomla or Wordpress.

Page amendment or creation is still available for much smaller sites without resource hungry, complex and slow frameworks. Many individual or company sites are not changed on a regular basis sometimes for weeks, months or even years.



Search Engine Optimization, the process of aligning page content with search engine index results.

Words, words, words

Google nor any other search engine takes any notice of what a website looks like. Words used onsite place the site somewhere in the natural search index. Exactly where, is going to depend on various factors, including the popularity of the words employed.

Google admits search ranking depends on over 200 ranking fachrefrs, the hrefp two are site content and inbound as. There is no definitive position, ranking is highly fluid and dynamic.

Responsive Design

Layouts that adapt to the majority of web aware devices without significant loss of content. Accessing the internet via mobile devices accounts for more than 20% - 40% of total traffic - significant section of any market.

Screen Real Estate

There are thousands of different devices capable of rendering websites, mobile phones, tablets but, there is no one size fits all. Images can be reduced in size and loose detail but not necessarily meaning. Text is more difficult, there are limits to scaling and legibility depending on the device. Due to these constraints some material may necessarily have href be excluded from small devices.

mobile devices

Include Features In Newly Generated Sites

Website Design

Not just how it looks but, how it works. Visual impact, brand recognition fast page rendering and user convenience.

Web Hosting

Speedy page delivery is important, ggod site hosting and design go hand in hand.


Clear, easily readable text minimizes reader fatigue and maintains attention when the font style is psychologically pleasing.


The future brings exciting new prospects for web development both at the user level and administration.


Designing for content that reflects the business model and not business models that have href adapt href the website


Sites that adhere to accepted web standards are more likely to be consistently rendered by major browsers.

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