Backup and Recovery Strategies

Backup and Recovery Strategies

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15 Aug 2021

Backup Strategies

In all probability at some stage part of your computer will fail and cause data loss. Most likely to failure is hard drive whether HDD or SSD both are suspetable. Given that kind of failure the computer becomes un bootable with no access to either operating system nor data.

Data To Be Backed Up

There is three types of data, the operating system, program data, personal data.
There are differences in how frequently data in these categories changes. If there is data which changes infrequently or not at all could be archived (stored on a permanent medium DVD) and removed from risk. Avoid risk by safe keeping.

Operating system files will probably change the most frequently so first to derive a strategy.

Personal/program data contained in the home directory

How Data Is To Be Backed UP

Choosing backup medthods will depend on the volume of data that has to be saved and how quickly restoration may become necessary.

Operating System
Linux Timeshift
Intended for system backup and restore although can be set to include home directory. Bear in mind the bigger the backup the longer it is going to take

Find the disk to re-format

sudo parted /dev/sda print devices /dev/sda (1000GB) /dev/sdb (500GB)

Createb partition

parted /dev/sbd mklabel gpt

sudo parted /dev/sdb mkpart primary 0% 100%

Format with ext4 file system

sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb



rsync -a --delete --exclude="node_modules" --exclude="_site" --exclude=".cache" --delete-excluded /home/doe/apps/11ty/mwb1/ /home/doe/Recovery/mwb1

GUI for rsync add image

Where backed Up Data Is To Be Stored

Physical accessible location

DVD/CD not usually available with today's computers


A lot of new external disks are formatted with ntfs which is insuficient for Timeshift. The drive has to partitioned and formatted with ext4 file system.
Easy to do, first review the disks available

Hard disk

Flash drive

Unknown location
Storage in the cloud


Cloud providers offering unpaid storage

Google Drive 15GB

Icedrive 10GB

Mega 15GB

pCloud 10GB