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Gmail As Email Service

Using Gmail as your primary email service


Gmail Service

As a business owner it is absolutely essential to have access to a reliable email service. Email services contrast with computer client programs like Thunderbird where emails are stored on a local computer. Just by setting up a Gmail account you have access to a flexible mail service with 15GB of storage and availability on any device from desktop to mobile phone. There are numerous other mail services but none offer the flexibility and potential of Gmail. And combined with the Google Chrome web browser opens the the door to a wide variety of additional applications which complement the mail service.

The Inbox

After opening a Gmail account, you will be confronted with the first mail view, the inbox. The inbox contains up to five categories of mail and are accessible via tabs. Primary, for important mail, ‘Social’ for social media updates, ‘Promotions’, sales offers, ‘Updates’ for example billing receipts and ‘Forums’ for mailing lists etc. Not a popular feature when first introduced but, does unclutter the inbox for relatively unimportant mail such as frequent Facebook notifications.

Mail can be classified or re-classified by simply dragging mail to one of the tabs. The classification tabs can be adjusted or dismissed altogether by adjusting the inbox features in the inbox link under settings. Or by clicking on the ‘+’ at the end of the tabs.