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Website Design

Website design is not just about visual appeal although, this is inevitably the first thought the word ‘design’ conjures.

Traditional website designs have tended to be rigid theme or effect driven, leaving the content to be fitted in where possible. Always in such a manner that would not break the layout or detract from the site’s visual impact.

A new and marked reversal in this trend is evident, where content is the first consideration and the formatting or design is formulated to be not only consistent with but, enhance the display of information presented.

Responsive Design

Is really a very simple concept where website content is formulated to fit into devices (usually smaller like mobile phones, tablets) by adjusting the page layout to the size of the device screen. The layout adjusts by sliding content downwards, where several columns on a full width display are condensed into one long column , menus are compacted or grouped into dropdown lists. Images and media (videos) adjust the screen size.

None of these display tactics affect the normal operation of the device other than the eliminated unnecessary tapping and expanding operations which would otherwise be required

Of the many aspects to website design the following are some of the more important.