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Website Development

Every aspect of the web is under constant development, from server hardware, software and transport technology. As new technologies emerge and become viable there is an ever pervading forward pressure for more. More efficiency, more capacity, more functional capability, the demand is continuously increasing and so is the response from the IT industry.

When considering upgrading an existing website or generating a new one it is logical in assessing viable possibilities to take into account all these aspects. There is an immense selection of free open source applications available which may be suitable completely or may need additions or adjustments. Equally, there is widely advertised masses of outdated commercial software which has been around since the last ice age, often proving to be inextensible without major rewriting and updating.

Adopting either option without considering the software in relation to existing and projected requirements can prove to be very costly, much more costly than starting a new project from scratch with built in flexibility

Structured web development is achieved by close liasion with clients in undertaking the following.